Lefèvre Research Group

CNRS, Chimie ParisTech – Paris, France
Host institution : UMR 8060 i-CLeHS, Catalysis, Synthesis of Biomolecules and Sustainable Development Team (CSB2D)


Current group members


Nicolas Simonian (Post-Doc Associate, 2023-2024)

During my PhD thesis with Prof. Janine Cossy and Dr Amandine Guérinot at ESPCI Paris, I worked on a cobalt-promoted rearrangement enabling access to important pharmacophores, α-arylated amides. Then, I undertook a post-doctoral position with Univ.-Prof. Maulide at the university of Vienna. I have been involved in investigating various facets sulfonium rearrangements and carbocation chemistry. Finally, I am now a post-doctoral researcher in the group of Dr Guillaume Lefèvre at Chimie ParisTech, working on catalytic applications of low-valent iron complexes bearing non-innocent ligands

Adrien Tintar (PhD, 2022-2025)

I graduated from the University Paris Cité where I obtained the Master’s Program “Frontiers in Chemistry” and now, I am currently a PhD student under the supervision of the Dr. Guillaume Lefèvre, also working with the M2i development company, a French company specialized in the synthesis and formulation of insect pheromones as eco-friendly pesticides alternatives. My thesis project aims to develop new and more eco-friendly synthetic pathways of insect pheromones that are applicable to the industrial scale.


Faycel Djebbar (PhD, 2022-2025)

I completed my master’s degree in molecular chemistry at the Sorbonne University, where I got my first experience in organometallic chemistry, working on gold complexes. I then joined the Guillaume Lefèvre group in 2022 to pursue my doctoral studies. My work is focused on the development of new iron complexes and their applications in Catalysis, mainly in coupling reactions and the activation of C-H and C-C bonds.

Fedor Zhurkin (Post-doc associate)

Fedor has obtained his M.Sc. degree from Lomonosov Moscow State University (2012) and his Ph.D. from EPF Lausanne (2017) where he studied organometallic complexes of low-valent iron and their applications in organic synthesis and small-molecule activation under the direction of Prof. Xile HU. He joined the group after a stage with Prof. Olivia Reinaud at University of Paris where he worked on biomimetic base-metal complexes based on calix[6]arenes.

Past group members

Vincent Wowk (PhD, 2020-2023)

Former PhD student (ERC DoReMI project).

Vincent is now working as a postdoc under the supervision of Dr J. Hannedouche (Université Paris-Saclay).

Mæ Robin (PhD, 2020-2023)

Former PhD student (ERC DoReMI project).

Mae is now working as a full-time physics and chemistry high-school teacher. 


Till Neumann (MSc, 2022)

Till is now PhD student under the supervision of Dr C. Camp (CPE Lyon).

Pablo Chourreu Alba de Luna (PhD, 2019-2022)

Former PhD student (CIFRE grant) in collaboration with M2i LifeSciences.

Pablo is now Research & Development Engineer at Calyxia.

Lidie Rousseau (PhD, 2017-2020)

Former PhD student (ANR JCJC grant, SIROCCO project).

Lidie is now Research & Development Engineer at Isover-Saint-Gobain.


Dr. Guillaume Lefèvre
CNRS, Chimie ParisTech
11 rue Pierre et Marie Curie
75231 Paris Cedex 5
Email : guillaume.lefevre@chimieparistech.psl.eu
Telephone : +33 1 85 78 41 70